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Car Interior Sponge

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Author : Trancy Ruan
Update time : 2020-12-26 11:31:01

 Polyurethane Sponge and Car Interior Sponge

As one of the polymer materials, polyurethane material has been widely used in automobile parts. In addition to automobile interior decoration and exterior assembly, it is also used to manufacture various structural and functional parts. Polyurethane, polypropylene and Polyvinyl chloride have become three kinds of plastics with large dosage in automobiles. 


Polyurethane is a major automotive material because of its versatile fiber technology, foam properties, adhesion properties, scratch resistance (such as TPU), aliphatics resistance, and moderate cost. 


The global automobile manufacturing industry uses more than 1 million tons of polyurethane, among which polyurethane foam accounts for 60%. The consumption of an ordinary car abroad is about 22kg.The forms of polyurethane products commonly used in automobile industry mainly include hard, semi-hard, soft foam and polyurethane elastomers, adhesives, coatings, etc. 


The following is a brief introduction to the various forms of polyurethane products in the automotive application. 


Polyurethane soft mass foam and molded plastic foam


Soft polyurethane foam and molding foam plastics because of its good toughness, compression permanent deformation is small, the springback fast and other characteristics, can be used for the visor, leading block set, car decoration, door trim, center pillar in the four corners decoration, sound insulation pad, air filter, gasket and the roof lining, seat, seat cushion, back of a chair, her head and other parts. 


Rigid polyurethane foam

Semi-rigid polyurethane foam plastics are characterized by high compression load, prominent vibration reduction performance, so widely used in the thrust pads, pillars, dashboard, horn, armrest, headrest, visor and damping layer backing (floor), the dashboard is semi-rigid polyurethane foam plastics is a typical application in auto parts. 


Semi-Rigid polyurethane foam


Rigid polyurethane foam has excellent thermal insulation performance, high strength, good flame retardant, stable size, chemical resistance and other properties. It is commonly used as thermal insulation material, door lining and inner board, seat back cover, processing interior decoration, air conditioning duct, oil float and engine heat insulation cover for luxury passenger cars and refrigerated cars. 


Whole leather foam


The whole leather foam is mainly used for handrails, headrest, steering wheel, bumper, instrument panel, horn cover, spoiler, speed change handle. 

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