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Compressed Sponge and its application

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Author : Trancy Ruan
Update time : 2021-02-01 11:25:58

Compression sponge "general name" shrink cotton "is by the high temperature pressing molding, good wear resistance, tensile strength, high density, high toughness.

Compressed sponges are characterized by a continuous porous structure.With polyester sponge and methacrylate type and foam polyurethane sponge characteristics, acid and alkali resistance, wear and abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, good tensile strength, no bad taste, polyester sponge vent uniform, delicate touch, light and textile composite bonding rate is strong and other characteristics

Compression sponges, sponge masks

Compression sponge main purposes: compression sponge is widely used in printer supplies, printing platform, mobile phone earphone electronic devices mobile phone, such as shrinking cotton, makeup compression sponge, wood paddle pressure sponge sponge, etc.The engine compression ratio can be adjusted according to the need, according to the customer's reduction proportion, cut the relative thickness to carry out reduction.In industrial production, it also uses the characteristics of desiccation, digestion, absorption and over-consideration, which can show the simplification of the process and the power energy. The product specifications are up to more than 100, which can be produced and processed into different products.

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