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Advantages of polyester sponge compared with polyether sponge

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Update time : 2019-10-11 20:57:00


- Better tensile strength and elongation under the condition of higher compressive strength (resilience)


- More regular cavernous pore structure and fewer caverns in sponge bean


- Better fire performance.Generally, polyester sponges can be self-extinguishing even if the density is greater than 40 kg/m and there is no fireproofing agent added


- Meet multiple combination tests


The peel strength of polyester sponge with flame composite can reach more than 15 N / 5 cm, and the peel strength of polyether sponge with fire patch can only reach 10 N / 5 cm at most


- Halogen-free fireproofing agent can meet special fire requirements, such as low atomization, low volatilization, VOC, etc.


- Good matching in combination with vinyl.(PVC does not change color easily, softener does not migrate)

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