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Car cleaning sponge

1.Material: Sponge
2.Cleans tough stains as easily.
3.Comfortable to use The sponge and unique bow-tie shape provide a good grip.
4.The soft sponge cushions fingers against scraping on utensils. 5.The sponge also creates a rich lather with your liquid
This Sponge can be used for car washing, bathroom washing, tile cleaning, window cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and cleaning other surfaces. Washable and reusable. It is shaped for easy handling you can hold it conveniently while washing & does not cause scratches to the surface. Have a smooth texture to look and feel similar to a natural silk sponge and can be used for anything from smoothing clay to ceramics, Porcelain, pottery or craft projects. It can also be used at home for everything from applying paint to washing dishes. They are gentle at the sides and fairly flattened at the top and bottom.