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Filter foam Sponge


Filter foam sponge, also known as reticulated sponge, is a porous, low-density, reticulated flexible polyester/polyether urethane sponge. With an open cell structure and three dimensional skeletal strand structure. 


Filter sponge can be widely used in daily life and industry such as aquarium or pond filter,communication equipment,home appliances,automotive industry, air-conditioner industry,hardware industry,medical equipment industry,instrument tools,bags,furniture,children’s educational toys,physical education equipment, house wares and so on.

· Filtration and Humidifiers

· Air, Water, or Dust

· Scrubbers

· Ceramic Filters

· Small Engine Filters

· Medical Products

· Paint Brushes and Rollers

· Face Masks and Pads

· Cushioning

· Insulating


1. The material has great thickness, it is durable.
2. Very suitable for using in freshwater and marine water.

3. Can be cut any sizes as your needed.

4. Lightweight and softness design.

5. Excellent water permeability. Cultivate the nitrifying bacteria for biological filtration.

6. Dense shape makes it effective to avoid residue. Can be used again after cleaning.

7. The biochemical filter has the best effect on decomposing the excrement and the forage leftover.

8. Its multi-porous feature will avoid blockages and provide the largest adhesion area for bacteria.


Quick elimination of all kinds of cloudiness in freshwater and marine water aquariums and in pond water: reusable foam for use in the filter
Easy to use: cut the foam to the size you need (suitable for all filters). Layer as filter stage for pre- and long-term filtering