Sponge Disposable Oral Swab


What is medical grade polyurethane foam ?

Polyurethane foam is used in a wide range of medical applications including bedding,tubing and dressings. Due to its high strength, durability and ease to work with, new medical applications continue to be found for the material as an alternative to both silicone and metals.

Medical polyurethane foam also benefits from bio-compatibility, making it ideal for use in the creation of implants.

Popular Applications

  • Heat and moisture exchange foams for medical application
  • Hydrophilic dressings, pressure wound dressings
  • For wound, anti-scar and post-operative dressings
  • Medical supports and braces
  • Surgical pads



1.Scrubbing devices such as sponges can sample products without damaging them. It’s a non- destructive method which gives good results for sampling of the product.

2.Sponge is a very absorbent material. It can absorb 20 times its own weight.

3.The sponge can be rubbed very aggressively, removing most of the bacteria without scratching surfaces.

4.Our sponge is biocide free which means it will maintain the credibility of the collected organisms.

Product Feature

1. Sponge ( foam head or non woven fabric)
2. Handle ( Plastic / wooden or as you need ),length can be 10cm,11cm, 13.8cm, 15cm, etc.
3. Shapes can be triangle, plum blossom,stars,zigzag, etc. size,density,colors can be customized as you wish
4. Packaging: can be individual or bulk pack.
5.Sterile or non sterile.
6. Soft, good touch feeling, comfortable for using with mouthwashes in oral hygiene procedures.
7. Widely used in medical industry, electronic industry, etc
8. Eco-friendly, can be ETO sterilized and OME offered.
9. Single packed swabs could add mint flavor or soda to help cleaning.
10.The swab we produced has around 30 types specially for the industry of medical, daily health care, optical and electonics